P90X – not what I expected

At the beginning of the summer I made a commitment: I would work my way through the P90X DVD set that so many people have praised.

Now that I’m finished, overall, I have to say that I found it a disappointment: the plot was repetitive, the dialogue was unconvincing, I never got a sense of any kind of character arc, and they needed a ton of “padding” to stretch this story to 12 DVDs — they easily could have told it in 2 hours (1 disc). With a name like P90X, I expected a taut, futuristic, military techno-thriller; instead, it centered around a guy in a room encouraging people to dance like him — not very interesting.

Furthermore, the setting never changed: if you’re going to confine the action to one set, next time consider doing it as a *play* instead of a TV mini series.  I rate it 1.5 stars (out of 5).